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office prank

in Swedish, “kontorsskämt”

Once in a while, we stumble (online) upon these crazy, over-the-top office pranks:




Well, well, who would have thought that Jaakko would witness it first-hand at work today.


Lucky for him, it is intended for a colleague who will celebrate his 50th birthday on Monday.

Despite being obviously annoying, this gesture is undeniably…ehem…creative. And aren’t those balloons just cute?

So I hope that guy will be flattered. If someone put hard thought and meticulous effort just to make me feel special on my big day, I would be, too.



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in Swedish, “det är svårt att vara en kvinna”

I was sitting in an office a few minutes ago, and while I waited for A to finish her phone call, I couldn’t help but admire a famous painting reproduction displayed on the wall. Beside it was a small poster whose title immediately caught my eye.

It is hard to be a woman.

You are expected to

think like a man,

perform like a lady,

look like a young woman,

and work like a horse.

There might be a some truth to that ;-)

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downtime in july

in Swedish, “bortrest i juli”

According to TheFreeDictionary, downtime is that “period of time when a machine or system is offline or not functioning, usually as a result of either system failure or routine maintenance.”

J said the title wasn’t appropriate because “you’re not a server” and “it won’t be down per se”. But I stood my ground. Why do some people have to be so exact all the time? *smile*

Anyhow, in our case, downtime is due to vacation, our meet-and-greet with family and friends in Sweden and Finland. Somehow, I consider this kind of “integration into society” a comforting prelude to the nerve-wracking start of my work in August (where I feel terribly stupid at times because I have difficulty understanding spoken Swedish.) *sad face*

We will be on the road for a few weeks so let me leave you with something that has — at once upon a time — put a smile on my face. I hope it works for you, too.



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