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in Swedish, “hur man blir av med bildbubblorna”

While creating this blog, J got annoyed at the snap.com-bubbles that appeared when the mouse hovered over a photo attachment. Luckily, we have installed Adblock Plus which, surprisingly(!), blocks ads and other media disturbances.

So here’s how it’s done:

Adblock doesn’t work with IE so that’s another good reason to switch browsers…now!


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in Swedish, “ladda ner firefox…nu!”

I have been using Mozilla’s Firefox as my default browser since forever. My gorgeous geek then-friend-now-hubby insisted that I must use it because it is not as susceptible to virus attacks as the Explorer is. This is among its many advantages over the ubiquitous Microsoft browser.

Click here and here if you want to learn more about the advantages of using Firefox. Although, you really just have to take my word for it.

So, my friends, if you are still in the clutches of the Internet Explorer, then I beg you, please, pretty-please, escape! Save yourselves! “Why, why do you persist” in prolonging your needless suffering?


This is paid advertising by the Mozilla Foundation.

Um…I wish!

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in Swedish, “att skapa ett sjövästa-panorama”

our hosts, Aoy and Tobbe

One beautiful evening in May, we had a cozy soirée with our former SFI* teachers in the home of Khun Soonthareeya and her husband, Tobbe. They live in a village called Sjövästa, a few kilometers outside the center of Ljusdal.

Khun Soonthareeya (or Aoy)** once proudly told me, “Jag bor i skogen.” (I live in the forest.) The thought just scared me. I dislike forests. In the Philippines, we usually associate these places to where witches lived.

But Nordics are a different bunch altogether. I have never heard them say the forest scares them. Maybe because they didn’t have those awful witch stories as staple conversation topics as kids. However untrue, the fear of these dark, scarely-inhabited areas has been irrevocably ingrained in my being.

On the contrary, Nordics thrive in forest life so much so that if they lived in the city, a summer cottage in the woods, by a river or lake, would be a most-likely investment. But I think I’ll save that subject for another post.

Back to Sjövästa. Khun Aoy has taken me to her home a few times before, but in the gloom of winter. So with sunshine and spring in the air, imagine my amazement when this view greeted us from her front porch.

I wanted to capture den härliga utsikten (the glorious view) in a panoramic scale but my camera wasn’t equipped for that. So I tried stitching them together in a photo-editor program. Nope, I did not use Photoshop because the license for that is super-impractically expensive and it is just IMPOSSIBLE to buy pirated softwares here.

Unlike back in ‘Pinas…*wink* Oh, how I miss those little “luxuries”. *sigh*

Fortunately, my husband found this free(!) software called GIMP. It almost works like Photoshop. Unfortunately, it has a problem with displaying many task windows all at once, which can be väldigt irritating. Well, it can’t be perfect now, eller hur?

And this is how my first try at photo-stitching looked like.

Quite sloppy, huh? I couldn’t scale it properly and the change in lighting is so evident.

I showed this to J and he told me that there’s actually an available software for stitching photos! It’s called HUGIN. And with the AUTOPANO add-on, it will “automagically” stitch photos for you. This is amazing! I am sooo looking forward to using this for future photos. You should try it, too!

He tried the program and the Sjövästa view came out like so:

Cool, huh? After cropping it in IRFANVIEWvoila!

When I got out there on the deck and first beheld this view, I couldn’t help but exclaim silently, “God, this is beautiful!”


*SFI stands for Svenska för Invandrare or Swedish for Immigrants.

**Most Thais have long names that are often difficult to pronounce, thus, single-syllabled nicknames are a must. Here are some examples of my AIT classmates’ names: Nanthiya is Pun, Sowara is Tom, Korakod is Pae, Chalermpol is Lerm, and Sippawut is Sip.

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